Thank you for the Opportunity

For the last twenty years, I have dreamed of becoming a writer. The reasoning initially had been exploratory. I had been told along the way that I was good at it and experienced people’s happiness when I spoke my written words. I seemed to be able to put into phrases what people were feeling and actually made them feel more connected to the world.

The idea of author comes with many idealist visions. I often imagined myself sipping a latte on a vintage couch in a warm coffee shop in Manhattan, listening intently to fragments of conversations looking for my next smash best seller idea. I pictured myself at a writers’ retreat in the Hamptons, basking in early autumn sunshine on a quiet beach, realizing the meaning of life and bringing it valiantly back to humanity.

When I finally stopped overthinking, over-analyzing and agonizing over how I was going to make my splendid debut, I started this blog. What I never anticipated was how much I would enjoy simply sitting at my laptop and sharing my ideas with people who would be gracious enough to listen. What has been spectacular is people actually connecting to the writing, engaging with it and looking for more.

The true reason I write, underneath it all, is to build a platform upon which to join with others to make the world a better place. My mind has been opened over the years through countless books asking me to look at life from a different perspective. Everyone has their story and every story has several sides. Thank you for starting this adventure with me and being the audience with whom I connect. I hope you feel strongly enough to share and help me build that platform.

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Love it!!


This is so accurate. We all seem to wait endlessly for that perfect moment that represents our imagined “ideal” rather than just taking a step that, in and of itself, will make us happy. So proud of you for taking that step! Don’t stop writing. xo


So excited for you and to be part of! Enjoy the ride – we are all ears!