Prioritizing Peace

As I’ve mentioned so many times before, I’ve lived inside of my head for years and years. That is good in that I have a rich inner life complete with vivid dreams and deep reflections. I have learned to use those advantages to help me write. Of course, that characteristic is also bad because of all the hours of sleep I’ve lost to constant head spinning.
In trying to relax, I’ve read several books on the Buddhist way. One of my most recent finds, “How to Solve Our Human Problems” by Kelsang Gyatso, discusses how important it is to lose our preoccupation with self-absorption. It discusses how stress finds its way deeper and deeper into our psyches through our ruminations on all the negative possibilities that could possibly occur, however remotely possible.

The key to peace is that you are supposed to focus on everyone else around you and how to make their lives better. You are supposed to view every living being as your equal counterpart and ensure that you are empathetic towards all. When you do that, all narcissism falls away and we stop causing non existent issues and solve actual pressing and important issues by working together and striving for peace.

I can’t help but reflect upon this ideal way of life during these incredibly challenging times. Our culture specifically has thrived economically for many people through complete self absorption. But we are leading the human race in the wrong direction. We have to put serious thought towards those countries who put human lives first and becoming wealthy a distant priority. We can learn much from those places that put a premium on their quality of life, not the quantities in their wallets. I truly believe that there is hope for humanity if we can see peace as the ultimate goal.


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We need peace 💜