Life Finally Recognizes the Empath!

Over the past week I have had the absolute pleasure of meeting two extraordinary women through my endeavors in National Women in Business Month.  Both ladies own successful women-owned businesses; both are driven to bring out their clients’ true and full potential.  Both of their websites can be found here:

What was so wonderful about engaging with both of these women was how validated I felt after hearing their approaches. They both talked about driving revenue from a completely different angle than I am used to hearing, but one that I have always personally relied upon. They talked not about reviewing logic and fact, but about what I believe truly matters in life.

I have always considered myself an empath and for years suffered as a result. At the beginning of my career, I was often coached for being too emotional. I was told to use more logic in decision-making. As a person in everyday life, I felt both everyone’s happiness and sadness around me and absorbed all of it like it was my own. It had been exhausting because I did not know how to harness it for the positive.

Both of the women that I met this week described how 90% of people make decisions with their emotions. They both described how many companies struggle because they have people at the top of the house that just don’t know how to connect with people or use their humanity to impact the bottom line.

In my recent years at work, I have been recognized and applauded for being able to connect emotionally with my team. The result of that ability has been extreme loyalty from my team members and harnessing their resilience and ability to overcome tough times. I truly feel like the business world is changing for the better, for the future by embracing what truly matters…human beings.

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Mary Ann Lambert

Love it! Thanks Lisa.

Love this post! I do believe that logic is necessary often to override bias and too personal of reactions that could jeopardize a team’s well-being. But feigning the disposition of a robot in leadership will always makes the led feel wary and not valued. Empathy is what saves my classroom! And learning that it’s not natural to everyone and needs to be taught was eye opening for me. When you can look at someone and say “I see you,” even if you don’t understand exactly what it’s like to be in his/her shoes, that person will have a loyalty to… Read more »
Joy Metz

Love it Lisa.
Keep it up, it is very inspiring.